AED Registry

What is an AED?

aedlogoAn Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that automatically analyzes heart rhythms and determines if a shock is needed. AEDs are easy to use, safe and effective.

Early defibrillation is the standard of care for adult victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Everyone who has a duty to respond to victims of sudden cardiac arrest should be trained and equipped to defibrillate. Thanks to technological advances leading to the development of the AED, this goal has become easier to achieve.

Why our community needs AEDs

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) describes a condition in which the heart unexpectedly stops beating, halting blood flow to the brain and other organs. This can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone and will likely result in death if not treated within minutes by an AED. In fact, every year, more than 300,000 adult Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest. An AED is a simple and important way to be prepared and increase safety in your local community.

Why should I register?

Registering your AED can help save lives in our community by letting us know where your AED is located so it can be found and used quickly when needed.

PrepAEDOwners of registered AEDs will receive timely reminders before pads and batteries expire to ensure that the units are always ready when needed.

AEDs can be reported by anyone!

Have an AED in the workplace or know of one in the local store, your child’s school or your place of worship?  Let us know about it and we will confirm the information and get the device registered!

We also encourage our first responders and EMS personnel to report any AEDs they come across.